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Good shops for instruments and accessories:

Click here for advice on instrument care.
There are loads of youtube videos on how to clean your valves and the inside of your trumpet – have a look, or feel free to email me for advice. Here are a couple of videos:

Essential Accessories:
Valve oil:

Cleaning snake:

Mouthpiece brush:

Trombonists need water spray and slide cream 
(superslick slide cream and spray bottle recommended – or Slide-o-Mix 2 Part Slide Treatment for more advanced players)

For FREE slide grease (for my pupils), give me a small pot (an old-fashioned camera-film container is ideal) and I’ll give you some in there. Otherwise, vaseline does the job.

Brass Repairers

Will Spencer 
01252 706767
Brass repairs and seller of “Snake Valve Oil”

Linton House, 164 -180 Union Street, London SE1 0LH
020 7620 2077 
The French Horn specialist for student and professional instruments and for repairs. 

Phil Parkers
106a Crawford Street, London W1H 2HZ
0207 486 8206 
London’s best know brass specialist for student and professional instruments and repairs.

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