Reviews (publications)

Football Crazy

This is an absolutely superb publication and it should encourage many young male (and female) flute players to do an extra bit of practice…It is not just a collection of football songs, but a book that will help to develop rhythm and improvisational skills…Teachers will welcome this book…Excellent.
                        Flutewise Magazine

a great idea for young players. All the favourite football-fans songs are here…
                        Music Teacher Magazine

This book is good fun… I love the way the composer uses the names of football clubs to teach rhythm.
                        Gerard McChrystal in Clarinet and Saxophone Magazine

This book has real value far beyond the obvious… innovating approach to rhythm… Maxwell has created a powerful tool for teaching… the sheer quality of the material makes it accessible to all.
                        Alastair Warren in The Trombonist

The format is imaginative and user friendly… I will certainly be trying it with my pupils.
                        Robert Parker in Winds Magazine

Concerto Classics for Violin

This is a fantastic taster of three great concertos in the violin repertoire… It is good to see these uncluttered versions of great violin repertoire in original keys.  Freely arranged and adapted for intermediate players, they manage to capture the essence of the music and serve to gently introduce these monumental works.  Best of all, lots of helpful supplementary exercises for rhythm, bowing and phrasing have also been included.
                        Frances Taylor in Music Teacher Magazine

Concerto Classics for Flute

The job has been done well, with much of the musical character retained, sensible dynamic markings and phrasing… The supplementary exercises at the back are excellent, the sort of rhythmic and phrasing exercises all teachers would write out for every student, every lesson, if only they had the time to do it.
                        Alison Uren in Music Teacher Magazine

Concerto Classics for Clarinet

With clearly set music and moderately easy piano parts, the collection represents good value for money… many clarinet teachers will consider Concerto Classics to be a useful publication.
                        John Robert Brown in Music Teacher Magazine

Spiky Airs

Accessible jazzy interpretations of famous classical trumpet pieces…warmly recommended         
                         Christopher Norton

These imaginative arrangements follow in the noble tradition of composers such as Duke Ellington, in their adaptation and jazz interpretation of some of the most popular classics… a very good collection of arrangements which would be ideal as concert pieces for players grades five to seven.
                        Ed Swindell in The Trombonist

Torelli One-Too

Torelli One-Too is truly a tongue-in-cheek piece that works best with audiences that will understand and appreciate the inherent humor             
James Zingara (associate professor of music, Troy University) in International Trumpet Guild Journal