Edward has always enjoyed writing and arranging music and over the years has written music for assorted ensembles, including amateur, student and professional.  Some of his arrangements for brass quintet have been recorded by Mardi Brass and have been played on Classic FM and Radio 3.  His music is published by Boosey and Hawkes Spartan PressWarwick Music, Music Sales and Mardi Brass Publishing. He has also contributed articles to Music Teacher Magazine.

A Dozen a Day – beginner exercises for trumpet, composed by Edward, published by Willis Music / Music Sales.

The Football Crazy series, published by Spartan Press, features 12 well-known football songs arranged in a jazz style approximately grades 1-4 standard. The trumpet book has been featured on the ABRSM syllabus.

Edward’s Concerto Classics series for trumpetclarinet,  flute and violin, published by Boosey & Hawkes. These books feature popular concertos, simplified for intermediate players – you get all the good tunes, without the difficult bits!

Spiky Airs, published by Spartan Press, is a set of three well-known classical trumpet tunes wickedly jazzed up: Sharp Pointy Air (after Charpentier’s Prelude to Te Deum), Haydn Sleek (after Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto, 2nd movement) and Tchaik Spiked (after Tchaikovsky’s Chanson Napolitaine). There are books available for trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba and brass quintet. Grade 5-7 standard

Arban Lite books 1 and 2.  These are comprehensive books of exercises modeled on the Arban, designed to consolidate important areas of technique (eg. slurs, fingering and tonguing) and musicality (eg. dotted and syncopated rhythms, phrasing and scales).  Book 1 covers from complete beginner to grade 2 standard (up to keys in 2 sharps and flats); book 2 covers grades 3 to 5 (up to keys in 4 sharps and flats). If you are frustrated by the lack of depth of exercises in tutor books, but don’t have time to write out your own, these books are for you.

Edward’s editions of the Haydn, Hummel and Neruda concertos come with trumpet parts in Bb and Eb. The piano accompaniments are much easier than many other publications, and suggested cuts have been indicated which give a short introduction to each movement, perfect for auditions, recitals or exams. However, the bar numbers still tally with the longer original versions, which are included should they be required. There is an appendix with suggested interpretation of ornaments. The accompanying CD provides piano accompaniments (observing the suggested cuts) and performance samples of the pieces, by Crispian Steele-Perkins.

Torelli One-Too, published by Warwick Music, is a jazz version of the first movement of Torelli’s trumpet concerto. It was written for Edward’s close friend and colleague, James Stretton (as was Haydn Sleek in the Spiky Airs series). 

Edward’s brass quintet arrangements are available from Mardi Brass, and are featured on the following recordings:

Edward has also edited Christopher Norton’s Concert Collection for trumpet and Adam Woolf’s Sackbut Solutions