Sheets to monitor scale practice:
Grades 1-3 trumpet
Grades 1-3 trombone
Grades 4-5 trumpet
Grades 4-5 horn
Grade 4-5 euphonium
Grade 6 trumpet
Grade 6 euphonium
Grade 7 trumpet
Grade 7 euphonium
Grade 8 trumpet
Please print key signature sheet on the back of the scale sheet: click here.

To consolidate scales, try playing the following tunes, which are based around scales and arpeggios in different keys:

A majorBb majorC major; D major; Eb major; E major;  F major
A minor; B minor; C minor; D minor; E minor; F minor

Download advice sheet on sight-reading.

Associated board aural requirements:
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 4 sight-singing practice sheet
Grade 5
Grade 5 sight-singing practice sheet
Grade 7
Notes on 'Style and Period' questions - grades 5-8

PRACTICE AURAL TESTS - all grades - click here

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Recommended books: 'Aural Test Survival Book' - one for each grade. Available from lots of retailers including Amazon and Musicroom.

Associated Board syllabus information:

Trinity syllabus information: